Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What I know at 30...

One of my besties sent me this last week...I love it - and her very much!

Thought everyone should take a peek, and a little read, cause she's a pretty smart cookie...

What I know at 30 - By T. Dupuis

First of all,

It seems quite clear to me now that the guy standing outside the liquor store, with the large band-aid covering his stubble chin, playing "We Want the Funk" on his sax, with a twinkle in his eye knows a hell of a lot more about happiness than a whole lot of us.

There will never be "enough" time, but the time I spend doing anything worthwhile can never be rushed, wasted, or multi-tasked.

A cookie a day ain't ever killed nobody. And two a day has likely saved several lives.

Flossing is really not a hassle once you get into the habit.

In fact, the most success I've achieved in this life so far can be whittled down to acquiring good habits.

Crying does not make you weak; it often shows just the opposite: vulnerable courage.

A lot of the moments closest to perfection are quite ones.

Sometimes hugs are the greatest gifts I've ever received.

30 is much too young to be wise and it's way too old to be naive.

Some mistakes NEED to be learned over and over and over.

Credit cards are the devil.

Being single is much better when you have a pet.

Confidence and ambition are the 2 sexiest things a person can exhibit AND they don't sag with age.

I am proud of my laughter wrinkles, the callouses on my feet and the freckles on my face.

If I want something bad enough, I will always get it. I eventually stop fighting for the things that don't matter much. And what I usually turn out really needing is most often positively correlated to how hard I ended up fighting for it.

No one really cares if you can't dance very well. If you are a good time, they'll tear up the dance floor with you.

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