Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Special Ed

Oh, life.

I've had a wacky little go of it lately.

Isn't it funny, that we become so consumed with our own "life dramas" that we.... "forget what is really important?"

What the fuck IS that again?!

We are all the same. We are not special. Our parents lied.

Oh, and Guess what? YES, it "Could always be worse" but how is that even relevant for anyone with half a brain?

Listen, I understand that is a "positive perspective coping mechanism" but here's the thing : If I have had a the kind of day that ended with me frantically going through the Dairy Queen Drive-Through - with no pants on - in a manic panic - I REALLY don't wanna to hear it. Seriously. Every one's problems are their problems. They matter, because they are what YOU are living.

Are you or I that important? No in the grand scheme of things not really. However - (not to sound really annoying) but where ever you go - there you are. If you are constantly not validating your thoughts or feelings then who is that helping?! Certainly not those poor people in Japan or the starving buggy Hivvy children in Africa. We are just all doing the best we can - well, for the most part. Some days, heck, I don't try at all.

That said, I do have a severe hate-on for perpetually negative and whiney people. Whiners are the worst. Why can't they understand that no one cares?! This is not to be confused with Venting or PMS. Also, I do want to be clear that I certainly understand not all tragedies are created equal, YES I care about world distress, but please don't compare it to my dog dying.

" Well, I'm sorry to hear about your dog, but at least you're not living in Japan where your whole family is missing"

Ok, so now I'm supposed to be full blown depressed because I am a loser for even feeling sad in the first place?

Earley is not dead, and I am certainly not depressed. I'm just saying, it pisses me off.

So as much, as I love me some good positive self talkin - you know the Dove Commercials, the you are beautiful crap and we are all unique stuff? some days I think it is extremely comforting to realize we are actually NOT that special. We are all just people. We are not a big deal, nor do we matter that much. We all shit. We all cry. We all have good days and bad. We all have regrets (the "no regretters" REALLY piss me off) We all want to be loved. We all have insecure moments. We all love wearing no pants.

That makes me smile.

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