Friday, September 24, 2010

Um... I Dunno.

I barely remember how to do this. It took me three full minutes to figure out how to type a new post. Ugh. I can't even think of what to say. I just know I have to say something, because if I watch another episode of "Say yes to the Dress" I am going to hold my breath until I hopefully die. Well, not die, but at least sleep for at least 3 consecutive days

Soooo, I had another little fixer upper on my foot/ankle. I use the word "little" loosely, of course, as such an adjective (fuck I hope it is an adjective right?) is sort if inappropriate when they knock you out, stuff a big tube down your throat and slice you up, move around muscles,bones and add this when people say "and so I digress?" I never really understand when to use that, but I always want to.

Whatever. So back in the K-Penny. Aka: My Parents House. I woke up this morning with a bulldozer and a big huge "digger thing" right outside my window. Oh my nerves. Dad picked this week to build a garage. A structure they have nicknamed "Garage-Mahal" Clever huh? Riiiight. Anyway, so what this really means is I can't hear the TV, my Ipod or the Phone because the world is literally EXPLODING outside my window. Did I mention I can't get out of bed? However on a positive note, they have prescribed me a plethera of narcotics that make the world pretty fucking rosey. I should probably stop saying fuck.

I didn't mean for this to be such a downer. My mom makes me Oat-cake sundae's every morning and brings me coffee in bed, we watch TMZ and braid my hair, I get lots of pity presents and can creep out my third cousins and ex boyfriends all day long on facebook...there are worse things I suppose.

Alright my toe is dipped. I'll jump back in tomorrow. Maybe.