Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Greasy Goodness

Phycological Spring is near my friends!

I woke up this mornin with a goofy grin, mad sexy bed head and a glorious tingle in my ankle.

February 14th is my Phycological Spring- for those not in the know. Every year on such day my brain shuts out Winter and has a proverbial Luau. It can snow 50 feet on February 15th and I ain't mad at it. It's Spring biotch! It has been this way for as long as I can remember. It helps that my Mom always made a HUGE deal outta Valentines Day. I really don't understand all you haters. I get that it's totally a commercial money grab - but so is EVERY holiday - including your stupid birthday (that no one really cares about) - so get over it. If you are single then get over that too and buy yourself some fucking chocolate. In fact, because V-Day/Phyc. Spring is my favorite day of the year (other than my birthday of course-ha) I get lots of gifts. So take a hint from Misses Lova and mark it on your calender as Phyc. Spring - It'll change your life.

Moving on, I have appointed a new "uniform" It's a fleecy hot pink, off the shoulder, knee length number that makes the "Red Suit" (old uniform) look LuLu Lemon-esque (?) Sportin bed head and new uni I decided to make bacon n eggs this morning. Whats better than THAT on a hump day right? (other than actual humping but lets not go there) The lyrical genius - Ray Lamontagne is the mid week soundtrack. Do y'all do that? Like have certain songs that just flow through your mind all day and they sorta mold or define the day? Like yesterday was a mix of JayZ and Michael Bolton. Not one of my better days.

So, makin bacon. Previous viewers have commented on how weird it is I don't have a "grease tin" I always pour it into a mug. I empty it later in the day and then put it in the dishwasher. Why keep a disgusting tin or bottle or whatever you normal people use under the sink? I have been enlightened. I was rockin (right OUT) to Ray's rendition of "Crazy" (appropriate) on my fourth cup of coffee when I mistakenly swigged the mug of grease. EPIC ERROR. It dribbled down my chin and everything. I was able to hack half of it in the sink. Thankfully, Earley was my only witness and I KNOW he was laughing. Then again he loves bacon fat so maybe not? To make the situation that much awesomeerr I had a chemical peel yesterday (I know I know) and am not aloud to wash my face (with soap) till tomorrow. Eau de bacon fat anyone?

It actually tasted kinda good. So whatevs. 4 more days!

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