Sunday, November 1, 2009

Booty Bounce

Yesterday I was ridin the K-Pen Ferry and witnessed a great family moment. There was a van next to our car. It was a Dad with his two little girls crammed in the front seat. I notice him only because I can hear serious base booming from the Caravan. He is doing the head nod - rockin out. Cute. The little girls are in full force. The hair is swinging, arms wavin, singin their little hearts out. The oldest of the two was especially animated. Eager to show up her little sister, all of a sudden she braced her arms against the opposite door and whips out the full fledged Booty Bounce. This little bum would put Beyonce to shame. It was almost wrong considering she was all of five. What topped it all off was the little sister mid booty bounce started tappin that ass. Spankin away. At that point I glanced at the Dad who was hysterical. If it wasn't so innocent it would be a bit alarming. Ahh Family Matters.

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