Sunday, October 25, 2009

We have Smorgasboard on Sunday...

One of the greatest things about being off work is the complete dis concern of "what day it is" All day I went around thinkin it was Tuesday. Swear to God. When I was on a schedule I never even had to think about what day it was (2 days, 11 hours and 42 seconds till Friday!!) Strange how your mind automatically prioritizes. I'm not sure what's on the top of my list now? Maybe what I'm gonna whip up for brunch and how many pelvic floor crunches I can conquer. Sadly, that is not a joke.

I am in the midst of a bathroom reno. Well, not midst as that would involve work being done, but I am picking out colors. I am thinking a grey blue for the walls, white trim, white tub insert and toilet with a black vanity and grey flooring. Open to suggestions.

I am also getting so used to living at my parents place that, dare I say might sorta kinda like it?! For example: My Mother just came into my room (keep in mind they have like 10 people over and have been boozin since 2pm) asking me how to open the cheese. So you know those slide zip lock bags? It was one of those. At first I was confused and then realized she was intoxicated. Yesterday the two of us had breakfast in bed with a bottle of Baileys and a pot of coffee. Didn't move until 2pm. Let me say it again - I fucking LOVE the country.

Also since the Golden Shower incident Stanley and I are now BFF's. He is attached to my moonboot. Never leaves my bed. It's like he marked his territory. I am his bitch for life.

Haven't made the Starbucks cookies yet. I am workin too hard on my fitness (meaning I can walk across the room without assistance) I will say however, since the surgery I am amazed at how more "aware" of my body I am. The more I move around, the better I feel. I actually felt a hard spot on my stomach yesterday - tumor? gas? mighta been a muscle spasm?! - I'm not gonna say it was an AB, but shiz it was somethin. I was told in Rehab that I actually have a "breathing disorder" -- hilarious -- YOU MEAN I CAN'T EVEN BREATH RIGHT?! So I work on "belly breathing" everyday. Shocking how something so simple is so mind numbingly difficult. My "brain damage" apparently makes me only chest breath and not use my diaphram. Apparently I use my diaphram (normal people have and use core muscles -hense my need for mentioned pelvic floor crunches) to hold myself up and that, in turn, allows me to only breath shallow through my chest. Interesting. Unfortunate that I have been pounding high doses of asthmatic steroids since the age of 2 to "open my lungs" oh, and also to make my nervous system freakin squirlier than your Grampie at a gay wedding. The medical mystery that is me, gets more interesting by the day.

I am getting slurrrrred to supper. Happy MONDAY Lovies!!

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