Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Oh what a glorious morning. Woke up at 7:30. I hobbled out to turn on the coffee, flipped on the Bose - happened to be on "Dim the Lights -Carl Henry" I mighta pulled a bit of a dance move. Forgot my blinds were wide open and construction workers are DIRECTLY outside my window. One waved while they all stared in my window. CUTE. Good thing I had my jammies on. It's unfortunate that I can only close one half of the blind sooo me and the boys are stuck with each other. Entertainment is entertainment right? A couple of them are definitely hot. This brings me to today's topic. I'd take a dirty ripped up construction dude ANY DAY over a STUFFY SUIT. I can appreciate the suits. I really can. However if I am so lucky to have a choice: GIMME THE HARD HATS!!! Ahhhhh :)....I mean as long as they don't spit. I am not talking about the horny old ones who whistle at anything with legs either. I guess I jut dig a manlier man. I am more impressed with old school chivalry and BRUTE STRENGTH than I am a briefcase and a Benz, but to each their own.
Interesting physio appt this morning. I only had to get half naked. It sorta sucked standing in the mirrored gym in only a sports bra. It's actually a cruel punishment for a gal who has been BFF's with her BED for two months. Mini Mite has decided this afternoon she is gonna tape up my abs. Cool. I guess they use this special tape that will help me isolate my core muscles. Have I mentioned the past two weeks have been spent on glorified KEGELS? So here I am naked doing pelvic moves. WOW. It doesn't get much better than this. Happy Tuesday!

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