Monday, October 5, 2009

Big Ups for Turd Burglers

So yeah I'm lazy. Nothing has happened, I mean nothing deemed blog worthy. It really comes down to laziness and lack motivation to do anything other than watch HBO, eat ice cream, Sleeeeeeeeeep and repeat. It's not like I have been documenting life shattering events. Meih. I was let outta rehab on good behavior on Thursday. When my Mom arrived I nearly cried with relief. Thank fuck I can avoid plastic bedding and cripple cheer for a few days. Hmmm. I had a meeting with the mad cow on Friday. This is good news - a large financial development actually. I have consolidated all of my debt due to the spectacular rates and re-newed my mortgage early. The rate is worth the impending mad cow disease. Since I have been living with the parents I have paid off all of my other misc. debts (that god damned water bill that has been giving me nightmares for over a year....) I have also managed to rent out my entire house. (Three cheers to the United Nations!) Soooooo while I am recovering I am getting the roof replaced and renovating both bathrooms. I should be doing the moonwalk or something. This is a mother fucking miracle. I actually have my shit together. Financially. I even upped my RRSP contributions -- en route to freedom 45! So that was Friday. Saturday, my Soul provider paid me a visit...I don't need to name names, umm and Sunday I did a lot of nothing. Actually I did like 500 crunches, 100 push ups and other random core exercises. (told ya they let me out on good behavior!) I had an appointment this morning with the surgeon. This woman has FANTASTIC SHOES. Every time I see her I drool and can't stop going on about them. Today they were brown leather riding boots. They were BEAUTIFUL. When I asked her about said delicious boots she advised they were specially made for her in Calgary. Well la ti daa....but it just so happens Mom and Dad are going out next week....and I mean I would be deserving...I think....So medically I am kicking some serious ass. The moonboot is never going away. At least another 6 weeks. The kicker is the biggest part of my "rehab" is "gait training" and that isn't so possible with the boot. Soooooooo apparently they are having a "case conference" on me tomorrow to re evaluate how I am to be "rehabed". I am thinking I will do another few weeks they'll send me home and then I'll have to come back in December. Merry Christmas! So anyway, after the appointment I purchased some more food at Sobe's (so I could avoid the cafeteria again this week) and Mama dropped me off. Poor thing didn't get outta the parking lot before blowing a tire. That sucked (CAA!) Sooooo I went to my PM physio. The Mini Mite was stoked silly about this breathing/how it is related to all movements or somethin conference she attended on the weekend (what a keener huh?) and she aksed if I would be her guini pig. Always up for a good time, I whole heartedly agreed, but then it got weird. I pretty much had to get naked. I mean I'm down with the nude, but it was really unexpected. I was wearing this shitty ass bra that shoulda been burned in 2003 and "hello kitty" underwear. Sexy I was not. My legs were shaved so I guess that counts for something. So anyway naked HP was required for her to watch my rib cage, how I breathe and how it effects my pelvic floor or something....maybe she just wanted me naked? can't be certain. All in all it was a very productive afternoon. I had a lean cuisine for supper (this may or may not be related to my nude scene) and have been I-Podding my brains out since. That's all.

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