Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lets get outta here - I smell babies bakin...

I just cried for 10 solid minutes. The wailing kind. The kind where your nose runs and you choke like a 5 year old in a complete throw down. Current Ovulation is certain. I am in a "good mental place" There is nothing I can solidly blame the tears on. Just sometimes I get all Emo all bawl my face off. For the past two days I have been listening to a lot of Sarah McLaughlin, Uncle Kracker (I know, I know!) and Keith Urban. I was THIS close to posting some Urban lyrics in this blog actually. Thankfully, I still have SOME sense. I will say there is something extremely cleansing about a good cry. A real good one - nervous ones while watching TLC do NOT count! Ya'll know what I mean. Anyway enough about that. Well one more thing. I do find it impressive I have mapped out my ovulation cycle (ain't no babies in this belly!!) Forever my system was so insanely messed up I didn't even know when my last period was (ummm maybe May of 2002?!!) Ladies beware of the DEPO. It was my BEST friend for the better part of 7 years. I flippin loved it. Then I had some unfortunate um... symptoms and after going to the doctor 3 times and her not listening (since switched Docs) they did a bone scan and found that the needle had been depleting my body of all Calcium and Estrogen. My poor lower half was at 67% and if you know ANYTHING about bone mass that is pretty effin pathetic. You are not supposed to dip lower than 90% until you hit at least 60. They couldn't be certain it was the Depo of course as a scan hadn't been done prior to the injections and I was runnin around 95lbs at the time of the scan. (smaller peeps tend to have lower bone mass) but the lack of Estrogen was NO FUN AT ALL ;) It wasn't until LAST YEAR (off depo for three years!!) I started having periods again at all and finally this year I really feel attune to my body. I refuse the pill (I won't get into that) and seriously I have never felt better. We are not meant to be injecting and swallowing these chemicals & hormones ladies!!!! This really took an unexpected turn...To end on a less weird note, I discovered something that I had long forgotten. STUFFING POPCORN IN YOUR MOUTH LIKE A SAVAGE. I am usually a small handful, 2 piece at a time person but c'mon is there anything better than jammin the biggest possible handful in your mouth at a time?! I realized this last night while watching America's next Top Model (oh the irony) and then just enjoyed the rest post cry. Ahhhhhh much better.

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