Saturday, October 10, 2009

KFC kicks Turkey in the......

Home A-Lone! Strange on a "holiday weekend" but I ain't mad at it. Kinda refreshing actually. Gives me lots of time to watch dirty movies and eat oatcakes in bed. I'm not much for the turkey (and might have a pumpkin pie blizzard in the freezer!)

My family is in Calgary. I wasn't aloud to go due to my immobility -too much of a hassle. Discrimination's a bitch. On a happy note, I only have one more week of "Hab" because they are sending me home with a solid program to work on for a month and THEN I go back to get serious (for probably 10 years at this rate) It was an emotional week for me and I really don't want to talk about it. It's a shocking revelation when you realize things about yourself that may be less than flattering. Not to mean I live life thinking I'm a Saint, but I guess reality sometimes kicks you in the ass. Again, not in the mood to elaborate.

Had a profound moment with Earley yesterday (mind reading family Dog) I was pacing the kitchen - core walking! - and he was right beside me, his head under my hand, when I noticed he was limping a bit...I sat down to investigate and he looked at me with this deliriously happy tongue out ears up face. It occurred to me that was mimicking my movements. His face looked older, gray around his eyes and mouth, fur extra rumpled. Sigh. I told him all about my week. He sat with his head on my lap listening, never judging. Cried again (W T F?!) and he just gave me knowing looks, licking my cheeks (that immediately broke out into a massive hivey mess) Why is this so profound? I don't really know. It just was.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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