Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Take a hint from Mista LOVA....

So it occurred to me last night that my parents are actually way cooler than I am.

I was talking to my brother, on the phone, when he was like: "What the hell is going on over there?!" Well, it was my Mom & Dad (on a Monday night no less) rippin it up. The wine & App's were flowin, the music pumpin and half of the 'Penny was rockin out. They party 5 nights out of the week. I kid you not. It was a strange revelation for my brother and I. We have graciously stepped down. In a way it gives me hope that life really doesn't end at 30. They are 59.

After falling asleep to the TV while my parents partied on, I woke up early to Dad whistling and chit chatting with Earl(e). I checked my phone and it was 7:30AM. Apparently after 30 you don't get hang overs. Amazing. I hop in the shower and crank some tunes circa 1998. What happened next, I am making a mental note, to never have my own children witness. I was brushing my teeth (this is at one of those open concept sinks that sits beside the kitchen) When I heard my Father singing along to my Dance Mix '98.

Mom: "Gar you want tomato on your toast?" (I know, WTF?)

Dad: "Girl, you too conservative, and that ain't how I wanna live"

ok ok ok, For those of you not in the know, this is a line from "Freaky Girl" by Shaggy - that of course was playing when I was in the shower.

Mom: " What?!"

Dad: "So take a hint from Mista Lova"

Mom: "Garrrry"

On that note, I must end this.

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