Thursday, September 10, 2009

Selfish jerks do NOT finish first

Road-Ragers piss me off. Calm the frick down. Do you really think you are THAT important? I am sure McAllistar will still be there sweetheart. Pretty sure the Iceburg will still be open too. Oh, and your super important day job? I'm nearly certain no one likes you there anyway.

Funny how some get it and others really just don't. We all have our moments. I've grumbled in the Shoppers line towin Tampons and chocolate, texted at inappropriate times, even murmured the occasional curse at an incompetent-you almost just killed me-driver.

I consider myself to be a highly social person. I love nothing more than to 'people watch' and guess what they are thinking (or even just what color their underwear is) In saying that, I've come to realize, nothing matters more than simple manners - and I'm not talking about what fork to use with the salad. Common Courtesy will get you father than money, looks, or that PhD ever will. Think about it. We all know (deep down) Money really doesn't buy long term happiness, that pretty face is gonna fade, and if you have spent your life only giving a shiz about you then I hope you'll be happy alone. Oh wait, you might not be completely alone -just surrounded by other self absorbed bum lickers.

Growing up we were taught that we are all individuals. Speak your mind, You alone can take over the world! I think this is great, but somewhere along the line we forgot that it's not cool to trample over others in the process. (Why do you think you see all those anti-bullying commercials all the time now?!) Please and Thank yous are only used at Toy's R Us (or sometimes when I'm shopping with my Mother and I really really need those red boots) and since when is it ok for small children to call "adults" by their first name? Some scoff at this. How old fashioned. I don't think so. I think it instills a respect that has been long forgotten.

Ever notice how "rude" people are generally miserable? If they are not inadvertently talking themselves up, they are complaining about how terrible their day was due to being surrounded by 'idiots'. Hmmm. I'm pretty sure we've all read the Secret so I'm not gonna ramble on that you get what you give (and all that new age bull shit) but have you ever thought that maybe the reason the waitress was less than a 'ray of sunshine' was because you barely made eye contact and complained (like it was her fault) your frickin fries were under cooked, all the while talking on your cell phone?!

So next time you roll your eyes at the 'stupid' cashier for taking too long at Sobey's, Flip the bird to that 'ass hole' in front of you, or put your dirty used tea bag in the recycle bin - Think about it.

READ: Choosing Civility: The 25 Rules of Considerate Conduct, by: Dr. P.M. Forni.

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