Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Soul Food

Have you ever had the kind of meal that makes you so feel so satisfied you could just curl up and die a happy, fulfilled person?

I just had one of "those meals" and if it wasn't for my mangled cankle/mutant foot I would do the running man to a JT track.

So what was it?

A juicy, BBQ'd with love, hamburger, with real cheddar cheese, a fluffy sesame seed lightly toasted bun, with some buttery HELLMAN'S, a tiny bit of ketchup, iceberg lettuce and a very thinly sliced tomato. Washed it all down with some 1% chocolate milk and two Ginger Sparkle cookies. (To note, it was eaten on the deck breathing in the cool fall air listening to some new Paulo Nutini)

Ahhhh, who needs therapy? My parents house isn't that bad after all.

That's all I have to say. Really.

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