Monday, August 31, 2009

Sookie Sookie!

Technologically, I am an admitted retard. We all have our strengths and weaknesses right? I didn't realize how delayed I really was until my little brother (who lives far far away) mailed me his X-Box with an external hard drive. (wicked awesome pity present eh?!) This thing is full of movies, music....and HBO MADNESS! I have never been much of a TV peep. I watch a few girly drama's and have had a long time obsession with Nip/Tuck but that's pretty much it. WELL, Move over Dr. Troy! I am losing my shit for this "downloading" deal. I dream of True Blood, wake up to Entourage, eat lunch with Dexter, and, is my new material, Californication -don't even get me started! I could go on and on. Basic Cable is for the birds! I will never go back! In fact, I'm cutting this short cause Sookie is my new BFF. XO!

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