Saturday, November 14, 2009

If you talkin shit you better close yo lipz

Happy Saturday! (That is me being nice to all you workin folk)

Ahh Reno's are no fun. Mike Holmes makes it look easy. It fucking sucks hard ass balls Mike. I can't even sensor out the bad words. I'll give you a run down in point form - If you don't already know I (not physically of course, but am signing the cheque) am gutting my upstairs bathroom, having my downstairs one tweaked, my roof re-done and other misc house fixer upers)

- Truck arrived last Monday with all my stuff.
- Men proceeded to track dog poop through out my house while delivering mentioned stuff.
- Laughed. Not a big deal. It did take over an hour to clean and it smelled worse than man and horse poop combined, but whatev.
- A few crucial items are on back order (pretty sure that just means they FORGOT to order)
-Meih, not a big deal. I refuse to get flapped.
- Everything gets ripped the eff out. I tried to get them to put my old toilets on the neighbors doorstep but no dice.
- Realize my bathroom floor is extremely crooked and the Shower insert is a defect.
- Not getting upset. It's ok.
-Shower fixed, floor fixed - took the poor peeps like 9 hours.
-Items still back ordered so we went to EVERY store in the city to find them.
-The flooring is in but does NOT look as expected. (a bit dark and industrial looking)
- It's ok, who cares about the floor anyway?
- Tub/shower continue to be a bitch. Re insulated and re framed.
- Not to make anything easy I must have chosen the most complicated vanity to assemble. Took approx 6.5 hours.
- The paint is going on like glue. I paid about $50/gallon for the "best" Who the eff ends up with defective PAINT?! The poor painter put two coats on the ceiling and it looks like nothing was is making my walls "bubble"....Hmmm....
- When putting the top on the Vanity and check the Taps (the ones that were back ordered and I looked EVERYWHERE for) don't fit BECAUSE they actually gave me the WRONG top. (it's a one holer and I need a three) Tell me it is going to take min 2 weeks to re order.
- Ok I'm a bit pissed.
- Poor tenants have gone 3 days sans shower. They are so gracious and sweet it makes me feel worse.
- Second bathroom (just face lift) stuff arrived and it is damaged and has to be sent back. Pattern?
- The roof guy just never shows up. Pretty sure the money is gonna be gone anyway.

That's the nutshell version thus far. I type this as a lie in my cushy bed in my "perfect" parents house....I guess thats how she rolls.

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