Thursday, October 15, 2009


I love cookies.

I love coffee.

I love friends.

When I received a email titled: "I'm breaking you outta Rehab for some Starbucks" this morning my heart did a little dance. The macarana to be exact. First of all, let me say, I am NOT a coffee snob. I do not frequent Starbucks. I'm all over the home-brew. Just last year I was enlightened to the fact that Espresso was in fact not pronounced (or spelled for that matter) EXpresso. Meih, I thought more caffeine (apparently this is untrue as well by the way) therefor wouldn't it make sense that it is coffee a la EXPRESS? Perfect reasoning no? Anyhow, I do find the coffee list at such cafe's intimidating. The jargon gets me a bit discombobulated. So I did what I do best: ORDER COOKIES! I know a good cookie when I taste one and kids THIS IS PERFECTION. It was worth the full two bones. Heck, I would pay ten for this big piece of sugared PARADISE. I'm telling you, if you appreciate a good treat get your ass to the nearest Starbucks and order a GINGER MOLASSES COOKIE. I was enjoying it so much I informed Melis (my savior) that I MUST blog about it right then and there. I taste tested her "Americana" (EXpresso mixed with water) with a shot of sugar free vanilla and it was worth ordering as well. I am still happy with my black dark roast (but if I get nervous in the future I now have a back up) Back to the cookie: First of all it's HUGE. It's wonderfully crisp on the outside and soft yet slightly chewy on the inside. The spices are perfect. The amount of sugar ALL OVER is perfect. THIS IS THE PERFECT COOKIE. Actually, upon searching for a picture I found a RECIPE. Please note I am going to test this out on the weekend so expect a full report.
Ps. For my Vegan/Irritable Bowel Buddies you will be thrilled to know this delight is DAIRY FREE!!

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