Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday thoughts for you Sinners

Sometimes I like lists:

1. How is it that every month Cosmo comes out with 125 ALL NEW (try if you dare!!) Sex Tricks? Is this fact Cosmo?

2. Toasted banana bread is super yummy.

3. Is it really upper hand when you end up alone?

4. Fall shopping makes me giddy.

5. Maybe we all need to take a deep breath, smile and be happy with what we have already.

6. Whats up with Organic Cigarettes?!

7. Even with nothing to do I find myself procrastinating. Mad Skills.

8. I truly believe Earley (the dog) can read my mind.

9. I did the Activia 14 day challenge and it might of changed my life.

10. I think I heard my Dad fall out of the Tub last night. I laughed my head off, felt bad, then laughed harder.

11. Sometimes you just need to cry it out, no matter how big or small the issue may be.

12. This morning I had a Java Moose -Fog Horn Fine Blend Black- that my Dad brewed in his Tim Hortons coffee maker. It was fantastic.

13. I always order a Diet Coke with my Big Mac Combo. (with super sized fries and extra McChicken Sauce) I would say that I like the taste better, but that would be a lie.

14. My heel smells funny, but I kinda like it.

15. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have the kind of friends I do.

16. I might of googled our Prime Minister last week.

17. Crush up an Aspirin, mix it with a bit of water (or spit) put it on any blemishes and wake up clear (and alone)

18. #17 really works.

19. I am convinced that people who type "LOL" are never really LOL'ing and people who type "LMAO" just feel sorry for you annnd people who type "ROTFLMAO" are....just losers.

20. Sometimes a Blow Job is just a Blow Job. Cosmo you suck. No pun intended

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