Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Smile Bitch!

I was watching a documentary the other day on "Happiness" (I love you Discovery Channel!!) and found it fascinating.

Americans are taking so many antidepressants that, according to the New York Times, the water supplies of major U.S. cities are now contaminated with traces of these drugs.

Gosh. I guess the good news is:

Happiness is understandable, obtainable, and teachable. In a society that spends more than $25 billion a year on psychopharmaceuticals (that’s $85 a person) and untold billions dealing with family dysfunction, shouldn't education on mental well being take priority?

Can I get a HECK YES?!

Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy.

C'mon all you miserable peeps (obviously there are a lot of you!) is this not worth "learning?"

Road Trip it to Indigo, Call the shrink or at the very least GOOGLE IT.

In all seriousness, for a long time I thought to be happy was as natural as breathing. Clearly this is not so. I had a great childhood, wonderful parents - a supportive family....So easy for me right? Well, we all have our personal struggles - some considerably worse than others - but we only get one shot at this human deal, don't we owe ourselves a serious dose of happy lessons?!

Sometimes I get sad, I mean you can't be a 'cup o cheer' all the time right? but I think we all need a "go to mental list so I don't go mental list"

Here's Mine:

1. Dance and Sing (with reckless abandon) to some old school Country tunes.I mean REALLY give er. Sober.

2. Take a deep breath. Realize that I'm not THAT big a deal. The world is not ending. This probably won't even matter next week. If the situation is out of my control then why the heck am I wasting the drama? (or cookies) If you can make a positive change then do so already lazy ass! (that is my positive self talk)

3. Hug someone worthy and really mean it. Better yet, tell them why you are happy to have them in your life. It doesn't have to get all gag bag either. Keep it simple shorty (or elaborate - whatev)

4. Volunteer for something you are passionate about. Passion is a strong word. Maybe over used? Meih, if you don't have a passion, just fake it till ya make it. (Since I have had plenty of time for self reflection, this is something I have been lacking as of late) I am super pumped to get more involved like now.

5. Make cookies/nachos in your favorite uniform. Share.

6. Look at some old baby pics. It'll make you smile. At least your Mom still thinks you are THAT cute.

7. Stretch.

8. Organize the "junk drawer" You will find great things.

9. Call your peeps, Have a slumber party, go for cocktails (not too many), talk to your boyfriend and remember why you would love him sans penis, hit up the Bulk Barn and rent a movie... The point being: WITH OUT POSITIVE SOCIAL INTERACTION WE GET WACKO.

10. Hang out with a five year old. They put it all into perspective

I could go on, but I wanna hear your lists. Call me. Make my day! - XOXOXOX

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.-Abraham Lincoln

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