Friday, September 18, 2009

A Prada dress has never broke my heart before...

The thing about dial up is that it SUCKS. I am willing to wait for 20 minutes for pages to load because yes, I am a die hard Shopper. (I obviously can't go to the mall) I plan outfits at night when I can't sleep. Portland is my Disney World. I love fashion. It hurts me that I only wear sweaties these days, but I actually love them too. (I have 23 pairs of pyjama's, 14 pairs of sweat pants and 7 sets of 'yogi uni's' not to mention the hoodies!) Anyway. I think these boots are just fantastic. I saw them in September's issue of Marie Claire. They come in Suede or Leather. The snaps allow the boots to fold down so they go below your knee. These just make my day, and that's all I gotta say. (For some reason I couldn't post the link but for reference

Our sister boot to the TRIPIN. Still hip, edgy and ultra-chic. Semi-rounded toe, low hidden sliver wedge heel, however these have metallic button snaps and a smooth shaft, no mid calf seem. Wear them cuffed or thigh high, these boots are sure to be this seasons crowd pleasers. Suede and Leather uppers. Padded cushioned footbed. Balance manmade. Shaft height 21”, circumference 15” at calf. Approx. 1 inch" heel.

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